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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 1, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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size. including people in part-time jobs or who have been out of work so long they're not even counted anymore. here in l.a. more than 10,000 people turned out for this job fair. >> i just need a job. >> reporter: organized by the congressional black caucus. >> it shows that people want to work. and they need to work. >> reporter: the unemployment rate in the black community, one of obama's strongest bases, is twice what it is among whites. >> how many of you have been looking for work for more than six months? >> reporter: many of them out of work for months or years do you have a family to support? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: tough to support them without a job? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: tell me about that. what's hard? >> it's hard. i have an 18 and 15-year-old in high school. there's a mortgage to pay. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: marlon fisher has a part-time job working minimum wage. he got encouraging leads on a full-time job. >> all they're looking for is a hard-working individual and somebody with a dedication to put some time in to work. and i have both of those. >> reporter: among the companies represented here, banks, entertainment, technology, and grocery stores. 180 booths, 3,000 jobs available, according to organizers. >> have a wonderful day. >> reporter: 10,000 people trying to get their attention. a few people here got jobs on the spot. the vast majority are getting the lay of the land, finding out what kinds of jobs are out there and where they can apply for them online. an event like this makes the task of looking for work a little more efficient and a lot less intimidating. david wright,, abc news, los angeles. 1,100 workers at a california solar panel company are now among the unemployed. they worked at a company called solyndra until yesterday.
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last year the company got a $500 million federal loan aimed at supporting green technology. president obama was among its visitors touting it as a cof th. now it's declaring bankruptcy. wikileaks which has leaked thousands of secret documents is now outraged at getting the same treatment. in an online editorial the organization claims the british newspaper "the guardian" gave away the secret password that decodes wikileaks' file of state department documents. those documents are circulating freely on the internet. the paper denies the charge. the tenth anniversary of 9/11 is about a week away. but a new report finds there are still dangerous gaps in america's security. it comes from the commission that investigated what went wrong. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the story. >> reporter: despite the billions of dollars spent on aviation security, the report found the u.s. still cannot reliably detect explosives that
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could bring down a plane. we are still highly vulnerable to aviation security threats, the report concludes. >> we have not got it right yet. >> reporter: five years ago surveillance of a a london-base al qaeda group revealed they were building a bomb using a hydrogen peroxide formally that can still get through security. >> it was s visible to our detection equipment. in other words, it looked just like water. >> reporter: the failure to detect explosives one of nine unfinished recommendations made by the 9/11 commission. >> some of these recommendations get an "f." >> reporter: another "f" communications breakdown that occurred on september 11th, when police and fire units in new york were on different radio frequencies and could n n talk to each other. >> go to another radio. >> people died because of that. >> reporter: the report card does praise the fpi and the cia for finally working together. and credits them with disrupting many plots and bringing to
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justice many terrorist operatives. the most recent example was the killing earlier this monthf lakeal qaeda's number two man who abc news has learned was the main contact between osama bin laden and the rest of the al qaeda network. s. officials say his death in a a one strike was hugely significant as it was his job to organize attacks against the united states. brian ross, abc news, new york. the safest roads in the country when you compare accident rates are in ft. collins, colorado. for the second year in a row allstate insurance ranked drivers in ft. collins as the safest in the cun tee. the commission rate there is more than 28% below the national average. washington, d.c. ranks at the very bottom of allstate's survey again, the third year in a row the face's capital is last on the list of hundreds of cities and their accident rates. >> nice sound effect there, right? >> that's the truth, what it sounds like. oh, man, take it easy in d.c.
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this next video shows an amazing, seemingly impossible combination of fire and water. it shows a member of the red bull surf team who strapped a flare onto his surfboard before climbing on top of the waves. >> the trick is to keep the flare above the w wer long enough to get up. the rest, just skill. it looks an awful lot like magic. especially nighttime like that. this video was shot off the coast of indonesia earlier this year and was just posted online yesterday. that's cool, man, look at that. >> it's beautiful, actually, quite beautiful. a little sunset surfing with the tlaer. >> not bad. i have no surfing ability whatsoever. day, nighttime, fire, no fire, whatever. >> looks great at night. >> good for them. >> you don't surf? >> no. i'm in the kiddie pool chilling with the armmies, the floaties on. we'll be back with more "world news" after this.
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what percent of women want to cure their yeast infection? one hundred. how many can cure it with vagisil? zero. monistat both relieves your symptoms and cures the infection. get the cure. get monistat. welcome back, everybody. we turn now to the biggest moment so far of the u.s. open tennis championship. believe it or not it didn't happen on the court. >> it happened yesterday when venus williams pulled out of the tournament because of the an auto immune disease. we get details from espn's tom rin in alldy and tennis analyst
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mary joe fernandez. >> a disappointing and difficult year continues for venus williams for her announcement she was withdrawing. in a statement williams said she was recently diagnosed with show grin's syndrome, an auto immune syndrome which can manifest with joint pain and fatigue. you've known her for a long time, what was your reaction to the news? >> i was very surprised by the news. she hadn't played any matches ould summer but she looked great out there. she was moving well, she was serving huge, she looked happy, she was eager to get back out onto the court. for this sudden withdrawal, i think it caught everybody by surprise. i talked to a few members of her camp. they didn't even know she was going to withdraw. she did try to practice before the match but just wasn't feeling up to it. a big surprise, a big disappointment for venus obviously but also for all the fans. >> the natural question given her recent history solely within a tennis context, what does this mean for her competitively
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>> one of the biggest challenges she's faced in her career. she only played nine tournaments has it year. this was her fourth event of this season. she's had hip problems, stomach injuries, wrist, knee, you name it. now a health issue. she's going to have to be mentally tough. she's a champion, she's dealt with more serious things in the past, her sister being murdered a few years ago. she's going to have to be patient and hopefully we're going to see her here next year. >> venus williams has only played 11 matches this year in 2011. 8-3. the certainty of her future is certainly in question now, out of the united states open. >> wow. you hate to see a star like that bow out. >> seven grand slam titles including two u.s. opens. she is 31 now. >> in that world, she said i wish i could continue but right now i am unable to. i am thankful i finally have a diagnosis and am now focused on getting better. >> we certainly hope she does
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that because she's a great player. >> great competitor. where have you been for the past five years? >> right here, seems like. that's what the owners of the dog in florida want to know. what a story of lost and found coming up when we come right back. i still need you.
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now, more than ever. ♪ fly by night away from here, change my life again ♪ >> oh, yes. they wrote this lead justor me. what would a morning here on "world news now" be without an animal story? that admittedly tugs at the old heartstrings. >> we love to tease you, rob, we
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love it. it comes to us from florida where a little technology and probably a little luck brought a stolen dog home. jeff butera of wfts talked with the happy dog owners. >> sit. no. good boy. >> what's his name? >> caine. he's 6 years old. very laid back. loving. >> he's a great dog. he's very loving. has been since day one. >> reporter: day one with caine back in 2005 was one kendra and her partner kayla burton want to remember. december 23rd, 2006 with caine is a day they wish to forget. >> he was stolen out of my backyard -- my front yard two days before christmas. >> looked for him, called his name, went to neighbors, could not find him. >> i thought he was dead. >> we searched forever. >> never going to see him again. >> reporter: eventually they did what people do, they stopped looking, they moved on. then five years passed. then this past weekend, kendra
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got a phone call about a dog. >> once i realized, he said 6-year-old neutered boxer male, my heart dropped. and i said, oh my gosh, that's caine. >> i was like, you've got to be kidding me. >> reporter: someone found caine ten miles from where he was lost and gave him to the polk county sheriff's office animal control shelter. they used his microchip to trace him back to kendra. after five years they got caine back on monday. two weeks after another of their dogs passed away. >> to have caine now is kind of -- kind of softened it a little bit. >> my baby boy dies. then oh my god, my other baby boy who's all grown up now has come back into my life. it's really weird. >> he loves us and you can tell he did miss us, which is good because we missed him. >> aww. caine as in candy cane. >> that is amazing. five years later? i mean, that's the proof that people who love their dogs, there are a lot of you out there, get the microchip.
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> all right, it is that time again for our "morning papers." we're going to start with a simple t-shirt that seemed to cause a brouhaha. this t-shirt was targeted for girls 7 to 12 years old. take a look at the slogan on the front of the t-shirt. i'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me. it caused an outrage. too stupid for words, gross and repugnant, just a few of the descriptions that flew around twitter. over 1,600 people signed a petition asking the retailer to stop selling the garment. they said it doesn't send the appropriate message to young girls. so jcpenney did take the shirt
2:56 am
off the website and apologized and said we agree it does not deliver the right message and they've discontinued the sale. >> justin bieber out, another message they wrote, something -- >> something about a justin bieber t-shirt as well, that's not being sold either. >> wrong message, wrong message. >> i'm so glad i don't have to raise daughters. >> you have two boys. >> simpler all the way around. just give us something to eat and let us go to the bathroom, a nap, we're done. all right, i find this story really interesting. there was a huge security breach with apple last year because someone left an iphone, a model, one that was not released left, they were testing, they left it at this beer garden, caused a huge security breach. it's happened again at this tequila lounge in san francisco. they're saying they've contacted the san francisco police saying this device is priceless and the company apple is desperate to get it back. there's this template iphone that hasn't been released,
2:57 am
prototype, that they're trying desperately to get back. >> do they think it's been sold online for 200 bucks or something? >> they don't know. have a little too much tequila, leave your precisely iphone sitting next to the limes and salt. >> the i-plank, remember that story yesterday? here's another bizarre story. an eye doctor in india has decided that what we all need, and he's making 4,000 of these, are contact lenses that are jewel-encrusted and rimmed with gold. take a look at these. a little bling for your eyes. >> oh, come on. like the "thriller" video. >> here's the catch. he's using a type of lens which are usually used to treat eye illnesses that prevents the nses from touching the core nia. they sit on top of the cornea. they hopes to sell them outside of india. experts are saying, this does not sound safe, this is not fda approved, don't put diamonds on your contacts.
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this morning on "world news now," playing politics. the president wanted to present his new jobs plan to congress next week. >> why did so many republicans cry foul? turns out there may be some creative scheduling going on at the white house. it's thursday, september 1st. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. next week's presidential address to congress coincided with a scheduled debate among the republican presidential candidates. needless to say the republicans weren't happy. the president was forced to reschedule. >> now mr. obama is dealt another political blow as a company he highlighted for
3:01 am
creating jobs has now filed for bankruptcy. alsohead, the miserable conditions for people living near the passaic river near new jersey. while floodwaters wash away property. the georgia church has much richer thanks to someone who put a lottery ticket in the sunday collection plate. you'll see why this is our favorite story of the day. but before all that the white house has backed down after a test of wills with top republican leaders. now the president's major speech on jobs will not conflict with the big gop presidential debate. >> that's right. but it could face competition from the opening night of the nfl tone. tahman bradley is joining us from washington with more on what's at stake. >> reporter: good morning, tanya and rob. next week president obama will discuss with congress their jobs plan. their three main areas of focus. after a summer of bitter partisan fighting the president will say it's time for significant action and for washington to come together to
3:02 am
get people working again. >> it's time to stop the political gamesmanship that can actually cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> reporter: the president wanted to make his speech next wednesday. he moved it to thursday at house speaker john boehner's request. there's a lot of work to do. the plan will focus on three areas. first, tax relief. including tax credits for companies that hire new workers. second, investment in infrastructure. building projects for transportation, schools and clean energy. third, targeted assistance for the long-term unemployed. that's people who have been out of work for six months or longer. >> we are at a moment when we need to take significant action to spur economic growth and to create jobs. >> reporter: for the 14 million americans desperately looking for work, help can't come soon enough. thousands lined up at a los angeles jobs fair on wednesday. >> i just need a job. >> have a wonderful day. >> reporter: the president's re-election hopes could ride on shortening lines like this one.
3:03 am
the president will offer spending cuts and savings hoping that his new plan doesn't add to the deficit. rob and tanya? >> seemed like the white house dropped the ball on this one. why would you schedule a joint session of congress knowing the republicans would inevitably complain it was going to conflict with their debate? >> now going up against the opening night of football. >> that's a bet he surely would lose. everybody's ready for football. saints and packers? i'm ready to go. you can add 1,100 people to the ranks of the unemployed this morning. they were laid off yesterday by a california solar panel company called solyndra. the company opened louisiana year with a $500 million loan from the federal government. president obama visited the facility back then hoping it would lead to a green technology revolution but didn't quite work out that way. >> the mood is not very happy. like everybody's kind of bummed out. everyone's really surprised. everyone is kind of -- i mean,
3:04 am
speechless right now. nobodydyeally knows what to think,k,hat to -- nobody saw it coming. nobody saw it coming. >> american solar companies just can't compete with the chinese, especially in tough economic times. solyndra is the third solar company to file for bankruptcy just this month. wikileaks, the anti-secrecy group, is blasting a british newspaper for exposingng its ow secrets. the organization claims that "the guardian" and one of its reporters gave away the password needed to decode wikileaks' file of u.s. state department documents. the paper and its reporter deny the chchge. former general david petraeus wakes up this morning as a civilian for the first time in nearly 40 years. as his long and very distinguished military career came to an end officially yesterday, his new career begins at the cia. abc's martha raddatz reports. >> reporter: there could be no grander send-off.
3:05 am
no greater praise for a general than at the ceremony for david petraeus. >> you now stand among the giants, not just in our time but of all-time. >> reporter: a distinction that surprised no one who has known general traeus. no modern general has led troops through a longer period of conflict. this is a huge test for our security forces. >> it is, it is. >> reporter: and a huge test for petraeus, who never seemed to mind the high expectations or the publicity. after hard-fought success in iraq, it was on to afghanistan. those stripes on his sleeve? each means six months in a combat zone. each an example of the determination he showed at a very early age. was dave petraeus the guy in eighth grade who was always raising his hand? >> he always knew the answer. he was always ready for class. he was always -- always had that smile. >> reporter: at west point, the yearbook describes a cadet always going for it in sports,
3:06 am
academics, leadership, and even his social life. that was a reference to the young woman petraeus was dating. the daughter of the west point superintenennt who remains at petraeus' side with their two children. and that cia job that awaits? don't expect this very public figure to disappear entirely from the spotlight. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> wow, in between his duty overseas now heading up the cia. hard to imagine anyone in the last few years has had a more prominent role in the anti-terror efforts. >> petraeus moved into the job when general stanley mcchrystal was moved out. >> 40-year military man and a daunting task still ahead of him. we all wish him well. in other news, hundreds of homes in texas and oklahoma are still at risk because of wildfires ravaging the region. nearly 40 homes were destroyed in this north texas neighborhood. the fire was about 25% contained last night with up to 400 homes
3:07 am
still threatened. and crcrews are battling anothe fire raging nearby. as many as 20 homes are at risk there. and in oklahoma city, crews are battling two fires including one which came back to life after destroying 33 homes earlier in the week. a major interstate in the city had to be shut down because of the smoke. residents in the city of edmond are being told to evacuate ahead of the advancing flames. parts of the northeast are still struggling to dry out and put their lives back together in the aftermath of hurricane irene. president obama plans to surury the very soggy streets of paterson, new jersey, this sunday. floodwaters receding so slowly, it is still hard to estimate the full extent of the damage. here's wabc's marcie gonzalez. >> reporter: when army trucks rumble down suburban roads and rafts rest in the neighborhoods' only dry driveways, residents know they're in deep. >> this is crazy. this is just -- i've never seen so much water. >> reporter: so much water
3:08 am
flooding fairfield, new jersey, making some streets passable only by boat. and this, they say, is a vast improvement. >> so as bad as this looks, it was? >> worse. a lot worse. >> reporter: as the six feet of water in cara o'neal's basement recedes the passaic river still rages through her backyard. even a mile and a half from the river it's a similar scene. sandbags sapped. they were no match for the rising water. a filthy, lingering lake both inside and out that has the mayor mad. >> it's time for the federal government to step up and fix the policemen because there's 2 million people that live in this basin. >> reporter: while he visits many of those people, eachh wit their own personal disaster to dry out, and lasting effects to breathe in, the mayor explains his heart feels more and more water-logged and weary. >> extremely frustrating. look at these people. it's sad. it's sad. i could cry for these people.
3:09 am
>> reporter: and the mayor expects all this water to continue clearing over the next few days. in fact, he expects 90% of this tune to be dry by saturday. then the long and expensive cleanup can really begin. in fair field, new jersey, marcie gonzalez, abc news. >> it's not just new jersey. some small towns in vermont are still l t off by the flooding as well. >> and millions still without power. my heart bleeds for those people with the flooding. you can rebuild the house, hopefully you have insurance, you can get new furniture. but it's the family pictures and heirlooms and childhood stuff you can't replace. >> so many people do not have flood insurance. >> that makes the climb that much steeper for those folks.. it's going to be months of torture for them. just days after irene, the second hurricane of the season has now formed in the clan tick. hurricane katia is centered far east of leeward islands stirring up 75-mile-an-hour winds. forecasters say it's much too soon to tell if the storm will come near the u.s. or any land
3:10 am
at all. knock on wood, don't come here, we're good. >> we don't need you. here is your thursday forecast. heavy rain from tampa to new orleans, houston and south texas. severe storms around sioux falls, fargo, minneapolis and the upper peninsula of michigan. thunderstorms in the rockies. >> triple digits in phoenix and colorado springs. 91 in sacramento. just 68 in seattle. 90s from the twin cities to kansas city. 102 in dallas. 83 here in new york. 91 in atlanta. well, the forecast in one spanish town yesterday, sunny with a chance of meatballs, almost. but it was raining tomatoes, thanks to the massive food fight called the tomatina. >> some 40,000 folks showed up for this year's annual event. 120 tons of ripe tomatoes are tossed from trucks to the crowds who then toss them at each other. and for all that, the revels last just one hour, then the town opens up all the fire
3:11 am
hydrants so everyone can wash off. this dates back to 1944 and started innocently during a parade when two kids had a tomato fight. >> look at all the fun. i guess you really have to love tomatoes to be into that. >> you would have to. good thing they have those hydra hydrants. >> i love that, cloudy with a chance of meatballs. food falls from the sky and that's how you eat, you get your meals from the sky. >> i wish that was true during this shift. i could use a pizza. help us out. >> be careful what you wish for. >> more "world news now" coming up after the break.
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welcome back. news from hollywood this morning. mel gibson and his former girlfriendndre now under some
3:16 am
pretty strict orders. basically they have to shut up when it comes to their daughter. >> that's a relief. that order was part of a custody settlement that was finalized yesterday as kabc's shuba bindran reports from los angeles. >> thanks, your honor, for bringing this matter to a reasonable conclusion. >> reporter: oscar winner mel gibson did not forget to let the judge know how grateful he is his long-running ctody dispute is finally over. the russian singer seemed equally grateful. >> your honor, i'd like to thank you to resolve this matter for what's best. >> reporter: it's been an epic ordeal. last year gibson was charges with misdemeanor domestic battery after this conversation between the two was released to the public. >> i deserve to be [ bleep ] first before the [ bleep ] jacuzzi. i'll tear the -- burn the
3:17 am
[ bleep ] house down but [ bleep ] me first. how dare you, how [ bleep ] dare you. >> reporter: but at the center of this settlement the couple's almost 2-year-old daughter lucia. according to the judge they'll share custody and gibson will continue to pay for the multimillion dollar home she and lucia live in. the toddler will receive the same amount of money gibson's seven other children will receive when she turns 18 along with the proceeds of the house when it's sold. >> oksana and mel gibson were in love for three years. lucia was a child born out of love and she was a planned child. they wanted to have her. >> reporter: since the couple was not married, greg gore yaif have a will receive a settlement of less than $1 million to be paid over five years. according to her attorney she's planning to support her child on her own. she'll also receive an undisclosed amount of monthly child support from mel gibson.
3:18 am
the russian singer says she also has an album coming out later this year. as for book deals, both parties have now agreed to never talk about the relationship again in public. >> thank you for that agreement. >> yeah, i think everyone's relieved about that. some people say, well, did she get a bad deal? actually, factoring in all the free rent and the child care, comes out, her attorney says, to about $5 million. >> the free rent ain't bad. it will be all right. that little case is settled, thank you. coming up next, staying healthy while on the job. >> that's right. from poor posture to confining yourself indoors all day. there's plenty you can do to avoid stress. we'll tell you all about it. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ working 9 to 5 what a way to mama a living ♪ ♪ barely getting by y 's all taking and no giving ♪ >> 9 to 5 sounds nice. >> it does. >> what's it like to work 9:00 to 5:00? >> try 10:00 to 6:00 a.m. you can never say we're not looking out for you on "world news now" and here's proof. new ideas how to be healthier while at work. >> they come from findings that span the globe as we hear from abc's deborah roberts. >> reporter: this is the daily grind for so many of us. trapped behind a desk. chained to a phone or computer for hours. it's enough to drain your brain and leave your body aching. here's a snapshot of one busy afternoon in our office. person after person in that zoned-out work mode. did you know that your posture's that bad during the day? >> i didn't realize it. >> reporter: bad posture doesn't just lead to bad pictures. you're risking back pain, headaches, poor digestion. a study from israel found employees who were simply shown
3:21 am
a photo or web image of how they sit relaxed and sat up straighter, improving their energy, blood flow, even their moods. now you're physically stronger. whwh about the mental fatigue from a day of desk work? one simple solution, get up for a few minutes and take walk on a quiet street or in the park. believe it or not, taking in the sights and sounds of nature actually calms the brain. in fact, researchers from the university of michigan found that workers who took just a ten-minute break to observe trees and flowers, even in photographs, saw their memory and attention span jump by 20%. >> the body is made for motion. not for keeping frozen posture for long periods of time. >> reporter: and if you're a closet internet surfer a study from the university of singapore will thrill you. occasional zone-out breaks like this are actually mentally refreshing and will make you more productive when you get back to work. just remember to get paback to
3:22 am
work. >> a all right, well i got no problem with that. >> sounds like good advice to me, no problem, deborah. >> see you later. >> ladies first.
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♪ hallelujah >> now we're going to have a peaceful moment, a serene moment. finally this half hour, hit it. because this is our -- >> beat us to the punch today, jumped the gun, hate when that happens. >> let's do it one more time. >> there we go. >> favorite story of the day comes to us from georgia where a church is giving thanks for newfound bounty. >> nobody knows who did the good deed. not everyone actually seems okay curtis mccloud of wtvm reports. >> reporter: jerry's convenience store is o oen referred to as -- >> lucky store. >> reporter: the walls are
3:26 am
plastered with winning tickets. the highest totaling over $750,000. soon another will be added. >> could i get a number 35? all right, thank you. that's what one lucky winner did the other day. they picked up a $3 cash 4 ticket and was fortunate enougu to scratch off $80,000. what they did next was even more unbelievable. the unknown winner placed the winning ticket in the collection plate at cathedral of prayer church in columbus, donating every penny to the church. >> the money's going toward the church and we got to supply the food for the neighborhood, the clothing, everything costs. >> reporter: alonzo riggins has been attending for 15 years. he handles security for the pastor and first lady of the church. riggins says he's received criticism from people in the community about the church accepting the money. >> god said, you know, a blessing is a blessing. you know, no one at the church played the lottery so it has to
3:27 am
be our side that came in and did this. >> reporter: they had no idea about the huge donation but agreed that it was, in fact, a gift from above. >> everything comom from god. everything is a blessing. whatever you receive, it's a blessing. >> any idea who could have possibly? >> i haven't found out yet. and i'm not going to ask that question unless it's given to me as a direct order to figure out where it came from. >> reporter: so for now this church's $80,000 blessing wiwi remain a mystery. >> oh, man. >> you know, i think we could use a little luck like that. >> we need a lot of luck -- oh, you know what? we're getting a little divine feeling this morning, tanya. we need a lottery ticket, our budget's getting low, we need a little something something now. >> there's a presence in the studio. >> there is. oh! well, welcome back, "world news now," put your dollar in the plate and pass iton. >> are you going to share some of that?
3:28 am
that's nice. >> i can do it, i don't know what you come to do. >> pizza on rob.
3:29 am
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this morning on "world news now," up in flames. the rapidly spreading fire raging through homes in texas and oklahoma. >> firefighters are in the middle of an exhausting battle in two states made difficult by the extremely dry conditions and powerful winds. it is thursday, september 1st. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm tanya rivero. >> september 1st, how did we get to september? summer's gone. >> so depressing, isn't it? >> can't'telieve we're here already. labor day weekend. good morning, i'm rob nelson. from the resort and suburban communities north of ft. worth
3:31 am
to neighborhoods surrounding oklahoma city, it is a dangerous scene. as you can see there, flames are quickly burning through the drought-stricken areas, forcing immediate evacuations. no relief. >> from flooding to fires, it's just a terrible time. >> all the elements this summer. also ahead this half hour, an illinois man who went out to his garden and discovered $150,000. find out what he did with the cash. we are asking you on facebook, what would you do? >> i imagine the consensus. it leans one way. i'm just saying. just guessing. this morning in "the skinny," an abc news exclusive. marc anthony talks about his breakup with j. lo after seven years of marriage. >> getting the scoop on this one. >> i think "good morning america" later, he's going to open up again on "nightline." >> he looked very thin to me. do you think he's lost weight over this? >> he always was kind of petite. we'll see what's going on. crews are working through the night to beat back a destructive wildfire in north texas. >> a second round of fires sprung up just as weary residents were returning to
3:32 am
their homes. abc's ryan owens is on the fire line in palo pinto county. >> reporter: it was almost inevitable. one of texas' hottest and driest summers ever would end up like this. towering flames engulfing homes with almost no warning. >> i don't think i have my head around it yet. it's just unbelievable. and -- i don't know, just can't believe it. >> reporter: even harder to believe, much of this area burned just a few months ago. 160 homes destroyed in april. >> it's not far-fetched to say that we've burned half of our county acreage-wise. >> reporter: nearly every inch of texas is suffering historic drought. sparking massive blazes across the lone star state. authorities aren't sure what ignited know there is plenty of fuel to keep it going. >> this happpped so quickly. and i was thinking, not again. >> reporter: while clearly the wind is gusting here, fire crews have been able to get up in the
3:33 am
air to battle the blaze from there, including with a massive dc-10 tanker flown in from california. the problem is once the sun goes down, those planes are grounded. ryan owens, abc news, palo pinto county, texas. >> of course the fires aren't just in the north. there's also some down towards huntsville. >> oklahoma city getting hit hard as well. these are the worst fires in texas since the 1950s. decades since we've seen it quite this bad. good luck to those folks. crews are battling destructive wildfires in oklahoma as well. hundreds of homes are threatened in oklahoma city by a fire that's already destroyed more than 20 homes. and the fire chief there says he's worried that the hot and windy weather could reignite those lingering hot spots. the number of people killed from irene now stands at 45. and the price tag on the trail of destruction has shot up into the billions, ranking among the nation's costliest natural disasters. >> the lingering floodwaters are still cutting off entire towns.
3:34 am
abc's t.j. winick has more on this. good morning to you, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. the floodwaters from irene are still threatening many communities across the northeast. even isolating entire communities. for many vermonters, the national guard is their lifeline. their only source for food and clean water. a dozen towns across the green mountain state have been cut off by flooding from tropical storm irene. >> it's more than i ever thought i'd see come down here. here we have 1927. then this line right here is hurricane irene. >> reporter: 2.5 million homes and businesses along the east coast are still without power. and the flood zone stretches from new jersey to new hampshire. federal officials toured hard-hit areas of upstate new york and pledged help in rebuilding. at a press conference, governor cuomo fired back when one man claimed the national guard only showed up for photo ops.
3:35 am
>> it's not either/or, it's both. as i said before, the first responders have been tremendous. and shown courage. >> reporter: in paterson, new jersey, the swollen passaic river has cut the city in two. >> so as bad as this looks, it was worse. a lot worse. >> it's time for the federal government to step and up fix the problem because there's 2 million people that live in this basin. >> reporter: because flooding is excluded from many standard policies, much of the damage from irene might not be covered by insurance. rob and tanya? >> that lack of insurance is a big problem for a lot of people. >> the president will be in new jersey this weekend on sunday touring the flood-damaged parts. also scary, the financial part of this. they say fema's running out of money, has $800 million. this disaster is going to run into the billions. >> where is the money going to come from? that's the big question everybody's asking. >> how bad of shape are we in when oprah has more money than fema? i don't get how that happepe. >> pretty bad shape. >> that says it all. another hurricane believe it or not is brewing in the atlantic this morning.
3:36 am
hurricane katia is now a category 1 storm with 75-mile-an-hour winds. katia is not expected to impact the caribbean and it's still too early to say if it will actually impact the u.s. mainland either. however, a tropical storm -- sorry, tropical system bringing heavy rain to the gulf coast could become tropical storm lee within the next few days. we said a few days ago this is the busy part of the storm season. >> so many storms out there. go away, go away. here is your thursday forecast. that system in the gulf brings up 1 inch of rain from florida to texas. 80-mile-an-hour winds, hail, and a chance of tornados from dakotas to michigan. showers from vermont to upstate new york and charleston, west virginia. thunderstorms in the rockies. >> 75 in boise. 83 in salt lake city. near 90 in albuquerque. dallas hot, 102. chicagag91. detroit 85. meanwhile, 74 in bean town. 84 in baltimore. and 91 in new orleans. the white house has backed down after a tense battle of wills over president obama's
3:37 am
major speech to congress on jobs. the speech had been scheduled for next wednesday, the same night as the republican presidential debate. after house speaker john boehner objected to mr. obama possibly upstaging that event, the president agreed to change the date to the next night. but the president now faces another conflict, football's opening night game between the saints and the packers. >> see who wins that tv battle, right? now to air travel this morning and an alarming report about how capable pilots are to fly. the draft report from the faa found that too much responsibility is turned over to auto pilots, leaving the men and women at the controls dangerously unprepared. abc's jim sciutto has more. >> reporter: for all but a few minutes of every flight, mostly on takeoff and landing, it's not your pilot flying the plane but the auto pilot. that's made flying safer. fatal accidents down dramatically in the u.s. over the last decade. but safety officials say it may be eroding pilots' a ality to fly on their own.
3:38 am
when those computers fail or major problems arise. >> are pilots too dependent on this technology? >> they can get rusty if they don't be responsible and go back and manipulate the controls of that airplane manually. >> reporter: when the auto pilot on air france flight 447 dudley disengaged over the atlantic toward yeast ago and a stall warning activated the pilots were confused. one saying, what's happening? i don't know, i don't know what's happening. the pilots then made a fatal mistake, pulling the plane's nose up when the correct procedure during a stall is the exact opposite, nose down. 228 lives lost. the deadliest crash of 51 so-called loss of control accidents over the last five years. mostly overseas. in which pilots had trouble flying manually. or made mistakes with automated controls. such as in the crash near buffalo in 2009 when the pilots first entered incorrect altitude data, then stalled the plane, killing 50.
3:39 am
pilots groups deny pilots' skills are weakening. >> we can fly these planes manually. we do it every day, thousands of times a day. >> reporter: the ntsb is recommending more training in hands-on flying, including in simulators like this one. in particular, how to recover from stalls in flight. many airlines discourage, even prohibit pilots from turning off the auto pilot, considering it more reliable. particularly in crowded air space. but safety experts recommend changing that so pilots have the experience to fly safely when the auto pilot cannot. jim sciutto, abc news, washington. from safety concerns in the skies to the safest cities in america for drivers. for the second year in a row, allstate insurance ranked ft. collins, colorado, as the safest place to drive. the collision rate is more than 28% below the national average. the city at the bottom, washington, d.c., where it's been for the third year in a row. you better look out when driving around our nation's capital.
3:40 am
>> rough going in d.c., be careful. well, everybody loves somebody sometime. for janet cheney of san bernardino, california, it's possums. she rescues and rehabs north america's only marsupial in a back room of her house. she's hosted as many as 60 of them at a time. >> i am an animal lover and this one i'm not sure about. janet fell in love with possums 24 years ago when she found one that had been attacked by a neighborhood cat. now she is a licensed rehabilitator. that means she never names them, she just fixes them up and gets them right back out into the wild. i guess you don't want that guy sticking around for too long. >> 60 at one time in your house? where's the husband? or is there not one? i'm just guessing. >> i don't think there is one. >> this one escapes me. i don't get the possums. >> don't get it. >> no. >> i have many jokes. >> give me a kitty cat any time.
3:41 am
>> possums? takes all kind in this the world, folks. she's doing a good thing. guess we can't talk too much trash. that's ugly. we'll be back with more after this, stay with us. [ female announcer ] eyes feeling overworked? discover visine® tired eye relief with hydroblend™, only from visine®. just one drop nstantly soothes and revives tired, overworked eyes. and comforts them for p to ten hours. visine® tired eye relief. try now an save $3.
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call the number on your screen to get your free video, brochure and your free hoveround collapsible grabber. call the number on your screen. ♪ baby you can drive mymyar, yes i'm going to be a star ♪ ♪ baby you can drive my car and baby i love you ♪ >> fantastic musical selection for the story at hand. >> excellent pick. >> well-done. >> a colorado bartender is mad at hell and she's not going to take it anymore. she is jovan williams and her jeep was recently stolen. >> that's right. that's got to make you angry, right? by chance she saw her stolen jeep in a parking lot and confronted the thief.
3:45 am
as russell hathorn reports williams wants police to get on the case. >> i got right about there and saw it parked here. >> reporter: jovan williams couldn't believe it when she saw her jeep parked outside this subway. she called 911 immediately. >> i'm at subway on alameda and i think i saw my stolen car. >> while i'm on the phone with them i see him get into the jeep. >> reporter: she couldn't help but go after the suspected thief, grabbing the passenger side door. >> is this your car or is this my car? >> this is my car. >> this is not your car, this is my car. >> this is my car. >> this is not your [ bleep ]ing car. >> this is my car. >> you want to bet money? this is my car, stop! so i start cussing at him and yelling at him and he starts to pull out. re hit my shoe, hit my pants. >> reporter: aurora police responded but by then the jeep was gone. the department says no one should ever attempt to stop a olen vehicle. her stepmom understands that but shares her daughter's frustration with how police have
3:46 am
handled this case. >> you have to have performance in order to assess performance. >> reporter: the jeep was stolen from this kaiser permanente lot last week. they have surveillance cameras but we discovered police have yet to request the video. at her wits' end she's started a facebook campaign to find her jeep. >> my profile picture is a picture of the jeep. >> reporter: and she is unapologetic about how she handled the situation. >> i know what this guy looked like. i had a conversation with him. >> i like a girl who cusses like that. sexy. >> she's mad. >> she was mad. >> a girl who cusses in cutoffs? hey. >> that's a saturday night. >> those daisy dukes. >> guess what, the jeeps are the number one stolen suv in colorado. she's in a lot of company. >> i hope she gets her car back. that's infuriating. face to face with the person who stole your car and they still get away. >> to see it. so mad. >> i'm so angry for her. marc anthony's talking about the breakup with j. lo, their kids and his career.
3:47 am
in an abc news exclusive. my special red carpet assignment, a dream come true here in new york. "the skinny's" next. indeed!
3:48 am
3:49 am
all right, so this has to be one of the most exciting skinnies in the history of the show. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> rob nelson, give it up. >> i am on cloud nine tonight. those of you watching us know i have a tendency to fall over a certain reality tv celebrity by the name of kim kardashian. you may have heard of this family once or twice. they had a big event in new york a week or so after she got married to kris humphries or whatever. i'm going to go, put all my better journalistic instincts aside and stand on the red carpet to interview kim. there are our producers who put the piece together we're going to show you sometime next week. it approximately story. we're going to show you a glimpse tonight. i saw kim in person, interviewed her and kourtney, both there. hundreds of media folks against this red carpet in the chinatown part of new york city.
3:50 am
the blinding bulbs you can see there. her giant of a husband. there i am talking to them. >> everyone wanted to know, from a hard-hitting journalist, how did she stack up in real life? >he is foin. she is f-o-i-n, fine. just as pretty in person as she is on television. and t ty were very sweet, a lot of media on the red carpet, they were very gracious. huge party, it was great. >> glad you were t tre? >> one off the bucket list, folks. >> we're so happy for rob. >> all i dreamed it would be and then some. >> we have other things to talk about, believe it or not. including the exclusive abc c g with marc anthony talking about the breakup of his marriage with jennifer lopez. john quinones sat down with him. >> it was a realization on both our parts. so, you know, it wasn't shocking. these things happen. these things happen. >> do you want this divorce? >> you know, it's -- it's a decision that we made jointly. and that's how i'll answer that.
3:51 am
>> there were rumors he was aps. quinones asked about that and he said, absolutely not, the reason their marriage broke up, it was just not working. >> the reason floated will and jada broke up, there are rumors about that. >> put that to rest. >> "good morning america" i believe e ming up this morning, another interview on "nightline." so c cck that out. and also ahead, bravo. the whole suicide saga continues, the network made it official, they are going to go ahead with "the real housewives of beverly hills" season premiere on september the 5th, that show. the precede mere mere is going to be preceded by that suicide special we told you about earlier. and that's how they're going to handle this. and the remaining episodes of the season will be edited a little bit to make it more in good taste. that's the final word on that. >> boxing legend oscar de la hoya opened up about his alcohol/cocaine abuse and cheating on his wife. the triple whammy there. he did say, i was unfaithful but i was no tiger woods. >> that's the bar now? >> putting it into perspective. >> i only had 38 affairs. >> he talked about drugs,
3:52 am
cocaine, the last two years, he says he's depended more on alcohol. but he is undergoing treatment and he has he has joined alcoholicscsnonymous. we wish him the best. >> we've seen the story a thousand times, hope he gets the help he needs. >> absolutely. hó
3:53 am
3:54 am
[ female announcer ] feel the love! in 44 shades that love your lips to perfection. lip perfection from covergirl.
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a lip color with with silk moisturizing complex that leaves lips smoother in 7 days. what a feeling! lip perfection from covergirl. ♪ money is a gas ♪ grab it >> our proposed song for the moment. >> yes, very good. >> what would you do if, let's say, you found $150,000 buried in your garden? would you keep it? don't lie. >> that is the question that faced an illinois man who is out of work, get this, he's out of work. his answer from ben bradley of wls. >> reporter: hunger helped a man find a serious helping of cash. wayne was cooking a roast when he decided broccoli from his garden would be the perfect complement. as he walked over he spotted several bags he thought were litter i in his lawn.
3:56 am
>> i went over, picked it up, , took it to the picnic table, opened it up, wow, it's a bunch of money. took it to my dad, wow, we're really in trouble. >> reporter: he brought the money inside where he and his dad sat at the kitchen counter and counted off the bags filled with $20 bills banded together. they say it totaled nearly $150,000. they immediately agreed they would call police. well, almost immediately. >> i went and made a drink, had to calm down. you know. haven't worked in two years, almost. yeah, i could really use this money. >> reporter: at this point you may be suspecting he's the most honest man in illinois. but he says he decided to turn in the money because he figured it would cause more problems than it solved. did you think for a minute, i could keep this and nobody would ever know? >> well, i thought that. but who knows who's coming to get it? somebody's going to come back when you leave that much money in your backyard. i didn't want to have nothing to do with it.
3:57 am
i figured it could be a bank robbery and they'd say i robbed a bank. >> we decided we're better off to turn it in. >> reporter: no regrets? >> naw. not me. he might have. i'm an old man ready to kick the bucketet. >> reporter: the mchenry county sheriff now has custody of the cash. detectives are waiting to see if anyone claims it. if not, there is an unemployed carpenter who says he sure could use it. ben bradley, abc news. >> if anyone claims it. you just walk right up and say, yeah, , that was my cash. >> you kidding me? you don't see that kind of honesty anymore. i'm glad he said he was going to mix a drink first. >> very wise. >> good cocktail choice, my friend. this is our faceceok question of the day. what would you do if you found that kind of cash, $150,000 in your garden? >> and be honest. really hope they give the money back to him. >> give him a little cut, reward that honesty a little bit. >> good guy. >> more from abc coming up.
3:58 am
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